Tartan Tank Timeline

Tartan Tank Timeline 2016-2017
Assignments Due Dates

1.) TT Logbook (Purchase and bring in a composition notebook)

2.) T u e s d a y , September 6
Tartan Tank (TT) Topic/Question/Product Draft
T u e s d a y , S e p t e m b er 27 th

3. TT Question Selection Final
T u e s d a y , October 4th

4. TT Proposal Draft
T u e s d a y , November  1st

5. TT Proposal Approval/start gathering materials for the project
T u e s d a y N o v e m b e r 8th

6. TT Draft 1: Hypothesis, Materials , Step by step procedure
T u e s d a y , N o v e m b e r 15t h

7. TT Research Paper (Introduction/purpose/Hypothesis)
T B A b y Mr. Harrington

8. TT Logbook Check (Preliminary Data Table should be included)
M o n d a y , D e c e m b e r 5 t h

9. TT Draft 2: Data collated draft- Data assembled into
appropriate graphs, tables, and charts
Tuesday, January 3rd

10. TT Draft 3: Analysis/Conclusion draft/Start working on presentation and display board
Tuesday, January 10 th

11. TT Abstract A brief summary (250 words) of entire project
W e d n e s d a y , J a n u a r y 1 1th

12. TT Report Final Draft
Wednesday, January 11th

13. In Class Presentation
Wed., Thurs. and Friday Jan 18th, 19th and 20th

14. EVERYTHING IS DUE: January 23rd. Display Board, Final Report and Logbook

15. Tartan Tank (TBD)
Top Projects present to Investors.


Science Fair Packetscience fair packet

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