About Tartan Tank

Tartan Tank

Tartan Tank is an innovation/STEAM and entrepreneurship program at SMES. The premise: Imagine if we could give students the skills, whether it be product, design, coding or life (soft skills) that we acquired over decades, what could they build? What could they create?

Tartan Tank exposes students to the world of business, innovation and entrepreneurship. We seek to inspire, spark creativity and accelerate learning by:
* Connecting them to the world’s most successful and impactful people/organizations

* Enabling them to explore their entrepreneurial spirits through a series of Guided Workshops by Experts facilitated by Speakers, Faculty/Staff, Parents and Alumni

* Having them demo their products and pitch live to professional investors.


Who is it for?

The program was designed to be student-centered and provide real-world applications of STEAM content. At it's core students are producers of content and not consumers. Paving the way for solutions to real-world problems as students learn, apply and pursue their interests.


Build an environment that would give students the opportunity to explore their science interests and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Create “transformational experiences”

Host Workshops to educate students on design thinking and entrepreneurship including conception, ideation, team building, prototyping, fundraising and more. These would be hosted on campus.

To prepare students to build and apply technologies that enhance the future of society.

Engage with domain experts.


In addition to the online content, students also have an option to take part in live workshops and coaching with domain experts and leaders in the innovation field. 

our teaching team

Umar Bajwa


Evar summary = { description: “Seasoned product innovator”, roles: [“scrappy founder”, “serial problemsolver”, “results-oriented operations expert”, “international marketer”, ”behavioral economist”, “rookiedeveloper”], traits: [“curious”, “data driven”, “empathetic”, “obsessive”, “resourceful”] };

Eric Harrington

Founder / Teacher

Experienced Educator with a demonstrated history of innovation, STEAM and working in the design industry.

Certified Master Teacher 2018 

Raymond Sepida

Developer / Programming

If there’s someone who can explain Coding, Raymond is the one. He teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.


To foster the spirit of science and innovation in the hearts and minds of young Tartans.