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What do you do with your empathy work? You’ve got notes, memories, photos, maybe even some audio and video. What’s next? You need to gently impose some order on the chaos in order to make sense of what you found. Going through exercises to identify the human needs at work will enable you to see …

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Build to think After the ideation phase, you have a mountain of ideas, some of which you’d like to pursue. Prototyping allows you to fully explore all of those concepts you want to evaluate. You prototype because you need to explore your options — to try things and fail, further informing your design process. Prototyping …

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Reflection is an important part of any learning experience. Not only will this process help you to understand your experience in a more profound way, it will also help you to articulate and communicate your newly acquired skills to future investors and employers. During the original Future of Stuff Challenge, we partnered with online portfolio …

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